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Inassea Chronicles:
The Blighted Flame

Revenge is a dish best served scorching!


For five years, Virgil Truesdale has hunted the witch responsible for ripping his family to shreds. Desperate to satiate his hunger for vengeance, he agrees to participate in the Crusader's Exam — a hellish test designed to push him to the absolute brink. Should Virgil emerge victorious, he’d join the elite ranks of the Crusader’s Alliance, granting him access to a worldwide network of resources.


With danger looming around every corner, Virgil plunges forward, determined to keep to himself and live long enough to reap the rewards of his sacrifices. Old habits die hard, however, and he soon acquires fearsome adversaries determined to make his life miserable, a pair of allies harboring their own dark secret and a passionate but inconveniently timed romance.


Will Virgil be able to rise from the flames and right the wrongs plaguing his family?

Editorial Reviews

"The Blighted Flame by P. A. Peña features likable characters, plenty of action, and spectacular supernatural duels."

-Indie Reader

"Inassea Chronicles: The Blighted Flame sets the stage for an adventure series similar to The Hunger Games with a hint of Harry Potter."

-Readers' Favorite

"The Blighted Flame is a fantastic adventure of epic proportions. Peña has crafted a gripping tale of revenge, friendship, love, and war, all set in an amazing fantasy world."

-Feathered Quill

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