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Crystal Divination

Hello sorcerer and welcome to your crystal divination...or the closest we can get to it in the real world lol. For the Inassea Chronicles series, I based the core fundamentals of my magic system off of the Chinese elemental zodiac. For those who don’t know, these elements include wood, fire, earth, water, and metal, and are the basis of the Five Elements Theory, or Wu Xing. In essence, this philosophy is about balance amongst interconnected energies in both creation and destruction. 


For example, wood is the base that creates fire which the ashes nourish the earth. Metal comes from the Earth which gives shape to water which is used to grow the wood, aka forests. Naturally, this is a never ending cycle.


Conversely, fire is a force that melts metal while metal itself is a force that cuts wood. Wood separates the earth whereas the earth absorbs water. And of course, water extinguishes fire.


Hopefully, you can see the inspirations taken from this fascinating philosophy and implemented into the universe of Inassea Chronicles. Down below you will find a guide on how to determine your element. Essentially, each group is separated by year using the last digit from the year you were born. For example, I was born in the year 1992, so I belong to the water element. If you want to get super specific, I was also born under the year of the monkey, so I am a water monkey. In the context of Inassea Chronicles, I would most likely be an Aquamancer.


Notice I said likely. When writing my story, I figured it would be a little constricting to follow this system hard-stop. Also, while I do find astrology fascinating and to be accurate sometimes, I can also recognize that nothing is ever 100% true. So may take away here is to have fun with this in the vein of sorting yourself into a Hogwarts house, but please do not make any rash or serious life decisions based on this.


And with that, let the crystal divination begin!

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