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Covenant of the Ashen Wolf Vol. 1

How far would you go to see your family again?

Embark on an epic quest beyond imagination into the unexplored splendors of Mithrandir. A mystical wonderland teeming with perilous creatures, arcane anomalies, and souls tainted by degeneracy awaits those daring enough to seek the ultimate prize. For those who find the Heart of Mithrandir, shall find what their heart truly desires...or at least that’s how the legend goes.

Dive into the unknown alongside Ksara Sepheron as she assembles a fearless crew of bandits, driven by a longing to reunite with the only father she has ever known. In a world where legend and reality intertwine, will Ksara triumph over the treacherous landscape of Mithrandir, unveiling its secrets and claiming her heart's truest desires? Or will she fall victim to the siren call of the inner realm?

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